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Realize your business potential with the $100+ billion coffee industry and a Mr. Cappuccino franchise.

About us


Having spent 30 years in the hotel and restaurant industry Mr. Nelson Mendez (otherwise known as Mr. Cappuccino) founded family and minority-owned RICO FOODS in 2004. Mr. Mendez, who has over 30 years in the Hotel and Restaurant industry, and 13 years in the coffee industry, recognized that commercial coffee service (in shops, restaurants, and offices) and premium coffee vending was an emerging trend with great potential for growth.


Using state of the art automatic Italian espresso coffee & cappuccinos “Bean to Cup” machines, combined with unique European flavors imported straight from Italy,  Mr. Mendez discovered the market potential for this business both in the states and abroad, placing more than 1,000 premium coffee  machines in Venezuela.

Mr. Cappuccino is an SBA-approved franchise with a huge market potential versus a much smaller initial investment than most businesses. As a minority small business owner himself, Mr. Mendez wants to offer the same opportunity that he’s experienced to others. Whether you’re young and starting out, retired with an additional income need, or a minority ready to live the American Dream – this proven business model can help you realize your dreams and your earning potential.

Why Choose

Mr.Cappuccino Franchise?

The Mr. Cappuccino Franchise Has All The Right Ingredients For Success.

Just as it’s easy to use our proprietary machine to make a freshly ground premium cup of Italian coffee with the touch of a button, our proven business model is operationally simple, easy to implement, and has tremendous growth potential. Here are the top reasons why a Mr. Cappuccino franchise could be right for you-

Compared to many franchises, Mr. Cappuccino has a low initial investment – only $15,000 franchise fee – and even better you can work from home or a small office, so your overhead stays low.

The Mr. Cappuccino business model requires little training, meaning you will be up and running in no time. Before you start your business, you will be thoroughly versed on how to own and operate your own Mr. Cappuccino franchise.

Coffee is a popular and widely accepted product, and consumption of espresso-based drinks continues to grow. Just check out these coffee statistics below. You can be assured your business will be providing a product people everywhere want, making it easier to sell.

Owner and founder of the original Mr. Cappuccino, Mr. Nelson Mendez, has spent years developing his name and his brand. You will benefit from the protection of the trademarked, catchy name, and strong marketing message developed by the original Mr. Cappuccino.

Franchisees are guaranteed exclusive rights to operate within a designated territory with a minimum of ten machines or more. That means you won’t be competing with other Mr. Cappuccino franchisees in the same area. We even help you find the ideal sites within your area to support your business’s success!

Thanks to the low initial investment, quick and thorough training, and widespread popularity of the product, you can ramp up to quickly see a healthy return on your investment and on your way to the American dream of opportunity and success.

Counting the Beans

0 Billion


Americans drink per year

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in espresso-based Drinks

0 %


drink coffee daily

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increase between 2015 & 2019

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preparation methods

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drink gourmet coffee

Invest in Your Dream


Franchise costs

Franchise Fee


Royalty Fee


Investment Range

$56,250 to $104,835

Are You a Good Fit?

We provide the proven business model and training, but our ideal candidate will come to the table with these qualities:

people skills

strong sales and negotiating abilities, comfortable with face-to-face negotiations, and focused on customer satisfaction

work ethic

willingness to learn, and the willingness to work diligently for success

personal standards

high standards of personal excellence, honesty, and integrity

financially ready

able to meet the financial requirements of the investment


can provide good personal and professional references

skillful with your Hands

hands on person. routine machine maintenance

personal, commercial and/or professional contacts in the area

Committed to Support

We will provide all the training necessary to help you to manage and maintain your business.

  • We guarantee the proper training at all levels of your business: Purchasing, Accounting/Legal, Ongoing R&D, Sales and Program Oversight, and Marketing
  • We advise for the placement of your initial machines
  • On and off-site pre-launch training
  • We provide 24/7 phone technical support
  • Ongoing operational support

The Franchise Process


Complete our form on the website and we’ll be in touch with more information.

Kick Off

We’re excited to get started! Our team will review your application, and once approved we will reach out to discuss your application either in-person or remotely.

Discovery Day

Our franchise development representative will schedule a visit to our corporate location. Here, we will review detailed information on our business model, support, and marketing tools available.  

Foundational Knowledge

You will be trained by our leadership team to establish and operate your own Mr. Cappuccino franchise.

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